Restaurants & Bars

Three Restaurants

The hotel has a main buffet-style restaurant that serves a great variety of hot and cold dishes made of local products as well as fresh salads, fruits, and desserts. This restaurant provides plenty of options including themed nights such as Barbeque night, Greek night or Corfiot night (weather permitted).

In addition to the main buffet style restaurant, the hotel has two a’ la carte restaurants: The first one, located just above the Canal D’ Amour, is the Seaside Restaurant serving Mediterranean dishes (reservation needed). This restaurant operates weather permitted.

The second one is the Steak & Burgers House located next to the hotel lobby serving steaks and burgers (reservation needed).

Two Bars

The hotel has a Pool Bar that serves cold beers and refreshing cocktails, located right above the Canal D’ Amour Beach where light entertainment (singers, Greek dancers, guitar players etc) also takes place. The second bar is the Main Bar, located at the hotel’s entrance in the lobby.