Canal D’ Amour Beach

A Masterpiece of Nature

Canal D’ Amour is a living painting of incomparable beauty and has been one of the most popular destinations in Corfu since the 1960s. This is an opening created by the corrosive effect of water and air on the sandstone rock. The continuous influence of the elements of nature changes from year to year the natural landscape in the Canal of Love, creating in other places canals with turquoise waters and in other small caves and coves. It is honored with the blue flag every year, while it is suitable for diving and various water sports.


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The Legend for lovers

The myth says that the couples who will swim in Canal D’ Amour, remain in love forever or for those who manage to swim to the last end of the canal that will find the love of their lives ...


Experience an all-inclusive unique holiday in Corfu, high above the famous Canal D’ Amour beach

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